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You know when you're driving down the street and you see a pedestrian standing at a corner waiting to cross?

If you keep driving, instead of stopping to let that pedestrian cross, YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW. It doesn't matter if it's a zebra crossing, a regular crossing, or even no marked crossing at all. Any time a pedestrian is crossing at an intersection, YOU HAVE TO YIELD TO THEM (unless they have an actual red light).

It's Title 75, 3542(a), if you don't believe me.

Every morning I feel like my daughter and I are taking our lives into our hands when we cross Shady Ave. to get to her school. Drivers whiz by at full speed, many not even noticing that we're standing there. I usually have to walk into the intersection and stare down a driver to get them to stop, and even then it takes half a dozen cars before someone does. And that's at a zebra crossing!

Yielding to a pedestrian literally takes 15 seconds of your day. And I promise it's a lot more rewarding than running over a five-year-old. So please, be a little more attentive when you're driving around our neighborhoods.


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